Two Violins Band

Peyongchang, Korea

PeyongChang, Korea

18029 PyeongChang, Republic of Korea
Two Violins at the XXIII Winter Olympic Games in PeyongChang, 2018

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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

18027 Buenos Aires, Argentina Republic
Premiere of JazzUA show at the Usina del Arte, October, 2017

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The White House, USA

White House

180211 In December 2016, Two Violins performed several shows in the United States, notably at the White House, as part of their cultural diplomatic mission to represent Ukraine internationally.

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With thanks!

"We want to express special gratitude to all brave and sincere people who help to realize so important projects for promotion of Ukraine abroad so that people could know us as a civilized, talented and modern country with deep roots and rich contemporary culture. First of all, now-deceased Bohdan Hawrylyshyn to who we devoted both of the concerts at the White House. To this fantastic Man and Ukrainian of the World!!! I’d mention all and each by name! Though, the most of names unfortunately will remain unmentioned. I want to give special thanks to Oleh Bakhmatiuk and America Center for a European Ukraine, Morgan Williams and US Ukraine Business Council (USUBC), Volodymyr Lavrenchuk and Raiffeisen Bank Aval, Arlington Virginia Sister City Association – Ivano-Frankivsk Committee, Chrystia Sonevytsky and Zeno Chaply Representatives, Father Robert Hitchens, OSBM, St. George Ukrainian Catholic Church in New York, Father Emillian Dorosh and fathers of the church, Ukrainian Museum in New York, Foundation “Vidrodjenia” and Bohdan Hawrylyshyn Foundation. The special thanks to the Embassy of Ukraine in the USA. To Oleksiy Kogan who was the first to see a jazz sparkle in the violinists. And also to wonderful musicians – Natalia Lebedeva, Kostiantyn Ionenko, Roman Yakovchuk, Tomoko Akaboshi and to a dear, brave and crazy Two Violins Team. With these people you can move mountains and work wonders!"
– Katrya Kot